what we deliver

Our thinking is logical, our attitude playful. Our designs work; they are practical solutions to real problems.

We design products from initial concept through to final prototype, with protection for all Intellectual Property. We have done a number of patented designs for products in the nursery market, and manufacture and sell our own invention: Loopwheels. These are wheels with integral suspension, for bicycles, trikes and wheelchairs.  We've always been proud of our ability to create clever mechanisms that work beautifully - now we can say we've reinvented the wheel, too!

We have successfully commercialised patented designs in the nursery market. In 2008, we sold our patent for a new way of folding a child’s stroller to Dorel Europe, one of the largest manufacturers of nursery products globally, who developed the product and launched it as the Quinny Yezz in September 2011.

Sometimes we identify a gap in the market and act on it ourselves.But we also work from a client’s brief to provide a solution to a problem they have identified. This was the case with the Aergo carseat.

Jelly has 25 years’ experience in industrial design, and provides design consultancy services. Find out more here

We have other product designs still in our “Jelly Mould”! We want to show you how we approach a design challenge, and what we can deliver...so take a look at some of our solutions.