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Our team has been built around imaginative souls, a solid understanding of the industries we help, and the desire to design beautiful products.

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Sam set up Jelly Products Ltd in 2006. He has 25 years’ experience in product design, including 5 years at Psion plc, designing palmtop and other technological products, and consultancy for a diverse range of clients such as Triumph motorbikes, Tom-Tom, Reckitt Benckiser, and Gripple. Sam graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Leeds University and has an MA in Industrial Design.
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Whilst Sam is the creative force behind Jelly, Gemma provides the structure! Gemma was Chief Executive of the Mental Health Act Commission 2008-09. She has a track record of successful leadership and in building partnerships across government, commercial and voluntary sectors, and in managing organisational change and development.She joined husband Sam as a full-time Director of Jelly Products in 2011. Her ability to speak French and German helps with overseas trade fairs for Loopwheels too!
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Emma joined Jelly Products in 2014 to help us prepare for the launch of our loopwheels for wheelchairs. Emma manages all of our interactions with our Loopwheels customers and carefully oversees all our Loopwheels orders through to dispatch.