quinny yezz

In 2008 Jelly patented a
revolutionary design for
a child's folding pushchair.
We sold it to Dorel, the
owners of Quinny, who
developed the design
into a final product and
launched it in 2011...
Meet the Quinny Yezz!

Quniny launch

With three young sons, Sam and Gemma have plenty of personal experience of putting strollers through their paces: pounding city streets with toddler in tow, into and out of the car boot, onto the aeroplane and across the beach (backwards, of course). We expect a lot of our strollers these days. When it’s not in use, we demand compactness. Quality of design is vital to every aspect, including how it folds away.
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aergo car seat

A fully patented design
for a child's car seat,
developed for Space Net
Technology Ltd

Aergo - launch

In 2004, Rob Vickers, a specialist in technical textiles, was visiting his daughter and her family in South Africa. She complained to him that all the children’s car seats in the market were made of solid plastic with quilted upholstery. In the hot South African summer, these made her baby sweaty and uncomfortable. With all his experience in lightweight, technical mesh fabrics, did he know of baby car seats which were lightweight and allowed air to circulate freely?
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Product Showreel

Here are some of Jelly's products, and some images of Sam's designs from the archive.  Our latest designs have to be kept under wraps, so you won't find them here!

Jelly has over 20 years’ experience of industrial design, across a wide range of product markets. These designs give you a flavour of what we can do. Take a look too at our loopwheels website for our wheels with integral suspension!
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